Latest management research has proved the sharing of information and collaboration among employees significantly improves the productivity and bottom line. ebizframe, an internet based ERP software, can help you share information between various departments/functions and let them collaborate better and help all of them move towards the common organizational goals. Sharing does not mean that everyone has access to all the information in the organization. Information in ebizframe, a web-based ERP software is controlled by restrictions and access rights. So you can decide on “who-sees-what” and “who-does-what”


By using ebizframe web based ERP software you will be able to achieve integration of different business processes across various Business functions in your organization. This helps improve the speed and accuracy of business transactions. Speed helps keep your customers happy while accuracy improves quality and reduces re-work. ebizframe ERP can help you ensure that your employees are involved in productive work rather than doing duplicate data entries, reworking on the rejections or correcting the wrong entries or reconciling data entered by different departments.


ebizframe follows a 3-tier architecture system which means it runs from a Central Server(s). The web based ERP software is not required to be deployed on the individual User’s machines. This helps internet based ERP software to be accessed over internet or any other form of connectivity from multiple locations even with a low-bandwidth connectivity. Once installed on your servers ebizframe, internet based ERP software, can easily be accessed using basic broadband or a USB Data-card from your multiple locations..


Decision making plays key role in business management. At the end of the day, your business is what decisions you take at the beginning of the day.ebizframe, an Internet based ERP software, helps provide you useful analysis based on actual data entered into the system. The Analytics have evolved over years and can give you useful insight into your businesses helping you manage them efficiently and effectively.Management Dashboards help the Senior and Top management with useful graphical and top level analytics giving them useful information to run the operations.


As business matures, the processes become complex and companies have to maintain compliance with rules and regulations of the land. These compliances can be related to taxes(VAT, Tax Deduction at Source etc) or Human resource compliance(Provident fund, Social Security etc) or Compliance to Quality standards(in food and pharma industry) or compliance to social obligations(child labor).ebizframe ERP has built in returns which are generated directly from the Transactions ensuring that your Statutory compliance documents are met. Read more about ebizframe internet based ERP software.