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The process is quick and easy. Simply provide your Nedbank Techloan Finance consultant with the following:

- Recent pay-slip or 6 months pay-slip if you are a commission earner.

- ID or valid passport.

- Marriage certificate if applicable.

 - Latest 6 consecutive months bank statement (counter drawn with bank stamp) If you are not a Nedbank customer.

- If you are married in community of property, the same document will be required for your spouse.

- Quotation from PC Centre.

For assistance please visit any Nedbank branch or ideal finance consultant. 

Consultant:  Steven Matthys

Contact Tel:  061-2952211

Cell:  081 146 6977

Email:  stevenma@nedbank.com.na

Consultant:  Andrea Guirreiro

Contact Tel:   061 2952059

Cell:  081 208 4367

Email:  andreagu@nedbank.com.na

Consultant:  Alexander Mieze

Contact Tel:   061 2952031

Cell:  081 447 9307

Email:  andreagu@nedbank.com.na

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