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Apple Solutions


PC Centre offers a variety of services, delivering hands-on expertise for implementing leading-edge solutions for your Mac or mixed-platform environment.

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New to Mac

  Choose the right Mac for you. Set up and configure your network. Migrate data (email, contacts, pictures, documents). Synchronize contacts, calendars, and email. Back up data. Learn more about your Mac. Use your iPhone or iPod to stay connected.

Grow Your Business

  •  Integrate with corporate IT infrastructure (Directory Services)
  • Run Windows and UNIX applications on your Mac (Virtualization)
  • Create and deliver media
  • Learn IT and Pro applications
  • Implement enterprise mobility solutions
  • Deploy managed services

Run Your Business

  File and print services Productivity and workflow optimization Collaboration and communication tools Systems and data security Remote management Advanced training

Set Up a New Business

  • Business needs assessment
  • Software solutions (productivity, accounting, POS, CRM, custom)
  • Network setup Cross-platform integration
  • Data and asset management
  • Server and database installation
  • Ongoing support